Sylvania LED Auto Bulbs - Issues on Safety, Design and Maintenance
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Uncertain and dimmed auto lights of the car are not safe and it is thing of the past. A modern vehicle is equipped with the brightest smooth light of the auto lights; automotive plants make them first and foremost for road safety than for the sake of beauty. A car with the bright light is more visible at night, and for the driver who’s steering a vehicle, it is much more comfortable to drive – vision and view is under control, the road and everything that’s going on it is clearly visible for the driver.
Having LED technologies in the car is what everyone should consider. To buy Sylvania LED auto bulbs in order to replace standard dimmed light and to go for its installation – it’s kind of the right decision. Sylvania LED auto bulbs for the cars have different designation, different caps and a different light temperature.
Main advantages of LED lamps for auto
·         Affordability
Sylvania LED auto bulbs for cars are much affordable than those, which are used now, or were used before. Power consumption of a light bulb is 0.2A. What does it mean? For instance, you forgot to turn off the light in the passenger compartment of the car or parking lights for night, the possibility that accumulator unit will deteriorate by the morning, is significantly decreasing, if your car is equipped with Sylvania LED auto bulbs.
·         Safety
With extreme speed rates or hard brakes a great role is played by how fast side turn signals and stop lamps are turned on. The speed of Sylvania LED auto bulbs turn-on is 4 times faster than the speed of an ordinary bulb.
LED bulbs are installed instead of standard light bulb and into parking lights, interior lights, stop lights, backup lamps, turn signals, and etc. Main pros of LED lights are power saving and brightness.
On top of that, there are more pros to consider: their universality on power supply, voltage from 12 to 32 volts of direct current that simplifies operation of both passenger cars and automotive trucks.
LED automotive lamps are highly bright, don’t include ambient light (a focused ray of light does not blind drivers of heading traffic), instant turn-on (relevant for far reaching light), lower consumption of energy of Sylvania LED auto bulbs are especially relevant for cars. Fuel usage, load on the onboard power supply network is decreased, but driving safety during dark time is increased.

Sylvania LED Auto Bulbs - Issues on Safety, Design and Maintenance.jpg
Sylvania LED auto bulbs give extremely intense light with very little load on the electrical system of your car. Let’s remind, for the first time such lamps intended for installation into front headlights of the car, have appeared on expensive cars some years ago. Unfortunately, in the very first years the owners of ordinary cars felt envious to owners of premium and expensive vehicles, dreaming deeply in their soul that their cars could also be equipped with the same LED dipped beam. And here after some years similar automobile LED lamp bulbs appeared on the aftermarket (in auto shops, online stores, etc.). Each driver can now purchase a kit for additional fitting of headlamps with Sylvania LED auto bulbs.

From the practical point of view, LED lamps have many advantages in comparison with halogen ones. For example, H4 LED lamps set of dipped headlight for Toyota 4Runner: LEDs consume 1.4 amperes, unlike 5 amperes, which halogen lamps consume.

We understand that such power saving in principle won’t be noticed and won’t affect the driver. Lots of people mistakenly believe that similar consumption of LED lamps energy will allow saving a significant amount of fuel. But believe us; economy will be so scanty that on final fuel usage you will almost notice nothing.

But nevertheless, if you often use additional external accessories which often you connect by means of the lighter or USB port, then the Sylvania LED auto bulbs will help you to unload the rechargeable battery, so to increase the term of its service. Especially it is relevant when you connect to an electrical system of your car - such devices as auto fridge, a subwoofer, additional amplifier of audio unit, and etc.

Pros and cons for LEDs in details
Recently, LEDs have become very popular in everyday life, so each of us can decide to replace all the lamps, despite the fact that they cost about 2 times more expensive than standard incandescent lamps. The main reason of popularity of LED lamps is, as we have mentioned above, their economy and service life (LED lights can be up to 10 years), and their power consumption is many times lower than the classics.

In cars all these advantages are particularly relevant, since the lower the current consumption, the more noticeably the load on the battery and the generator decreases. Yes, and change of the burnt lamp will probably have less difficulties.

LED devices today can be found in many foreign cars, even budget ones. But along with a lot of advantages, LEDs have their drawbacks. For example, many experts believe that such lamps are harmful to health. So is it worth changing the standard lamps to LED?
First, such lamps work much longer than traditional ones. They withstand temperatures from -30C to + 70C, they heat less, consume less electricity.

Correctly installed LED lamp is more resistant to vibrations and shocks, which is very important for a car moving along our "uneven" roads. The speed of the LED, as it was calculated, is 200-250 milliseconds, less than the traditional incandescent lamp have.
When installing LED in the stop signal, the driver next to the back of the car will see the triggered indicator earlier at 200-250 ms. Experts argue that the LED from a good manufacturer will work without replacement about the same as the entire car. Experts advise to begin with the replacement of traditional incandescent lamps with LEDs in the dimensions, the lights of the luggage compartment lighting, the glove compartment lighting. It is necessary to look at the plinths of the lamps used in the car to pick up similar, but already LED.

By the way, you can also choose the temperature of the glow, which is warm white (closer to the yellow glow of incandescent lamps), just white and cold white (gives to the blue).
Very popular in recent years has been the installation of LED tape in the trunk. To do this, you just need a regular double-sided adhesive tape.

Deciding to replace some of the incandescent lamps in the car with LED lights, do not rush into the store. The cost of "Good" LEDs is quite high, and in this case, it may be justified to purchase via Internet.

Replacing the car incandescent light bulbs with the LED ones will reduce the load on the battery lighting equipment, on average, by 80-85%. In addition, it will save you buying light bulbs, which you do not need to change more once a year or six months. Sylvania LED auto bulbs are much stronger than incandescent lamps.

However, their influence on human health and vision is of concern to scientists. In addition, the scope of their application in the car is not unlimited, and their use in turn signals has its own characteristics. But some of the incandescent lamps in the car can easily be replaced by Sylvania LED auto bulbs, the replacement itself is quite simple and does not require special knowledge.